Android on the March, but RIM Still Leads the Way

Samsung held on to its position as the leading handset maker in the US for the three-month period up to 31 December 2010, while RIM was the leading smartphone platform, with Android in hot pursuit, according to the latest figures from comScore’s MobiLens study, which ranks the leading mobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and smartphone OS platforms in the US according to their share of current mobile subscribers aged 13 and older.

Samsung grew its share of the market by 1.3 percentage points to 24.8 per cent, with LG in second place on 20.9 per cent (down 0.2 per cent); Motorola in third on 16.7 per cent (down 1.7 per cent); RIM in fourth on 8.5 per cent (down 0.8 per cent); and Nokia in fifth on 7 per cent (down 0.4 per cent).

In the smartphone sector, which is measured by platform/OS type, rather than handset maker, Android grew 7.3 per cent to finish in second place on 28.7 per cent, but could not quite catch RIM, which hangs on to first place with a 31.6 per cent share of the market, albeit 5.7 per cent down on the previous 3-month period. Apple is in this place on 25 per cent (up 0.7 per cent), with Microsoft in fourth place on 8.4 per cent (down 1.5 per cent), and Palm in fifth place on 3.7 per cent (down 0.5 per cent).

For the three month average period ending in December, 234m people in America aged 13 and older used mobile devices. 63.2m people in the US owned smartphones, a 60 per cent year-on-year increase. In terms of what they do on their phones, it was pretty much business as usual, with 68 per cent of respondents saying they had sent a text message; 36.4 per cent using the phone’s browser; 34.4 per cent downloaded apps; 24.7 per cent accessed a social networking site or blog; 23.3 per cent played games; and 15.7 per cent listened to much on their phone. All of these showed a slight increase of between 0.1 and 1.5 per cent, over the previous quarter.