Android Overtakes iOS on InMobi Ad Impressions

Mobile ad network InMobi says that Android now delivers more ad impressions than Apples iOS platform. Citing figures from its Mobile Insights Report: Global Edition March 2011, InMobi says that Androids global ad impression share has surpassed iPhone OS for the first time in its series of monthly reports. 

Commenting on the study, James Lamberti, VP of global research & marketing at InMobi, says: “The global smartphone revolution continues into Q2 2011. The introduction of Android has significantly accelerated smartphone growth, as it brings a wealth of options to consumers. With the increased focus on mobile from global publishers, advertisers and developers, the mobile experience has reached the next phase of its evolution.”

The report also found that global ad impressions on InMobis network grew 21 per cent in in the first quarter of 2011, which was driven by an influx of smartphone impressions – 2.8bn in that period. 

Mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, Apple and HTC continued to capture share from global leader Nokia. Although Nokia still remains in the number one position with a 40 per cent share of global impressions, its historical dominance is quickly eroding, says InMobi. Globally, 35 per cent of all mobile ad impressions now occur on smartphones, according to the report. 

Rob Jonas, InMobis VP and managing director Europe & Middle East, says: “Were witnessing such rapid adoption of Android that its now eating into the iPhones share in Europe, as it has done in the US. The incredible growth of smartphones, as demonstrated by these findings, really highlight that brands and agencies can no longer ignore the importance of mobile and the opportunities in the market.”

You can download the latest InMobi Mobile Insights Report for free from the InMobi website.