Android Suffers in Smaato Ad Metrics Report

David Murphy

Mobile ad optimization firm Smaato has released revealed its latest metrics, looking at the global, mobile advertising market in terms of clickthrough rates and ad network fill rates.

The figures reveal that Android has been enjoying huge success in terms of clickthrough rates in South-east Asia, but on the global front, it has dropped by around 50%, and now stands in fifth place in Smaato's CTR (Clickthrough Rate) Index, with Symbian retaining top spot and feature phone handsets claiming second space. The metrics are based upon 36 mobile ad networks and over 4 billion ad requests served in the Smaato network of more than 3,300 registered mobile publishers in March 2010.

The performance of different operating systems in March shows Symbian's lead decrease slightly, as feature phone handsets and Windows Phone make significant increases. The CTR Index ranges from 35 (Blackberry) to 156 (Symbian), compared to February where the spread was from 51 (Blackberry) to 147 (Symbian). The Index consists of the average CTR of all devices and this number is set to 100.

Android has suffered the most in the latest metrics, with a drop of almost 50% as its global CTR Index fell from 110 in February, to 58 in March. This is the second consecutive month that Android has dropped. Feature phone handsets have been building momentum since the first Smaato Metrics Report in December. Each month, they have made consistent gains on the competition in the CTR Index, from 84 in December, to 91 in January, to 107 in February and now at 123 in March. Symbians lead has shortened in the CTR Index table, but it remains the OS to beat with regards to CTR performance in mobile advertising. Apple remains consistent across February and March (89).

Smaato's metrics highlight the performance of mobile ad networks globally, and also measure the fill rate, which is defined as the percentage of ads delivered per ad request, and varies by different factors, such as country, device and content type.

The fill rates of the global top 10 ad networks increased from February to March. The best performing mobile ad network in the Smaato worldwide Index had a fill rate of 93% in March 2010, an increase of 21 percentage points compared to February. Despite the increases across the board, the average for worldwide ad network fill rate performance remains steady at 28% (from 29% in the previous month), with six of the top 10 ad networks performing above this average. Smato says that this data helps to prove that an ad network aggregation system can help partners achieve the best possible return and the highest possible fill rate, across the globe. 

The average fill rate of mobile ad networks in the USA rose to 41% in March, improving from February's average of 35%. Five of the top eight ad networks performed above the average, and the US average fill rate remains significantly higher than the global fill rate of 28%. In line with the global fill rates, the top US ad networks experienced significant increases from February, with the strongest networks fill rate rising from 78% to 94%.