Android Takes Top Spot in US Smartphone Rankings

Android has knocked RIM off top spot to become the leading smartphone platform in the US, according to the according to the latest data from comScore’s MobiLens service. Samsung is the leading handset manufacturer overall, with a 24.5 per cent market share.

The data, based on a survey of more than 30,000 US subscribers, reports on key trends in the US mobile phone market for the three-month period to the end of March 2011. During the period, 72.5m people in the US owned smartphones, a 15 per cent increase over the preceding three-month period. Android grew 6.0 percentage points to take a 34.7 per cent market share, while RIM ranked second on 27.1 per cent, having lost 4.5 percentage points from its 31.6 per cent market share in the previous period. Apple grew 0.5 points to take a 25.5 per cent share, followed by Microsoft (7.5 per cent) and Palm (2.8 per cent).

Overall, 234m Americans aged 13 and older used mobile devices. Samsung’s 24.5 per cent market share was followed by LG in second with 20.9 per cent share, Motorola (15.8 per cent) and RIM (8.4 per cent). Apple continued to gain share following the launch of the Verizon iPhone, up 1.1 percentage points to reach 7.9 per cent of subscribers.

There were no massive shifts in user behaviour during the period, compared to the previous three months. 68.6 per cent of US mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device, up from 68 per cent previously. Browsers were used by 38.6 per cent of subscribers (up 2.2 percentage points), while 37.3 per cent downloaded apps (up 2.9 percentage points).

Accessing of social networking sites or blogs increased 2.6 percentage points, representing 27.3 per cent of mobile subscribers. 25.7 per cent of the mobile audience played games on their phone (up 2.5 per cent), while 17.9 per cent listened to music (up 2.2 per cent).