Android Top OS Rankings on Millennial Medias Platform

millennial27nov2013Millennial Media has released its latest Mobile Mix report, covering Q3 2012. The report includes Millennial’s analysis of the top manufacturers, devices, operating systems, and tablets on its platform during the quarter, together with insights into the growth of smartphones and tablets, plus data on global device trends.

Apple was the leading handset maker on Millennial’s platform during the period, with three of the top four devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple made up 35 per cent of total advertising impressions, down from 42 per cent of total impressions in the previous quarter. Samsung was in second place, with four devices in the top 10, and accounting for 30 per cent of total impressions.

The release of iOS 7 caused a spike in Apple-generated impressions, with impressions clocking up three times the average iOS volumes), and impressions from within lifestyle and sports apps running at six times the norm.
In OS terms, Android ruled the roost, accounting for 55 per cent of ad impressions on Millennial’s platform, 3 percentage points up on the previous quarter.

Smartphones accounted for 73 per cent of total platform impressions in Q3, down slightly from the same quarter a year ago. Games, Music & Entertainment, and Social Media were the top three app categories on Millennial’s platform.