Android v4.4 to be Named KitKat

Working in this job, its easy to think youve seen every possible permutation of mobile marketing… but a co-branded OS is a new one on me.

Google has announced that version 4.4 of Android will be named KitKat. The name of the OS was previously pencilled in as Key Lime Pie, but Google reportedly approached Nestlé late last year about its first branded version. Interestingly, the partnership isnt “a money-changing-hands kind of deal”, according to John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, speaking to the BBC.

The announcement hasnt revealed anything about the actual technology, what itll be capable of, or how deep the branding will run in the OS. 

For its part, Nestlé will be producing Android-branded Kit Kat bars, giving consumers the chance to win Android prizes including a Nexus 7 tablet and Google Play credit, and theres already an official KitKat 4.4 website poking fun at pompous tech announcements, featuring phrases like “world-renowned, tri-core, wafer thin CPU with full chocolate coverage”, and the below video.