Another Day, Another Deal

Another day, another acquisition in the mobile advertising space. First, Google buys AdMob, or at least announces its intention to do so. Next, Apple goes for Quattro Wireless. Then Amobee gets in on the act with the purchase of RingRing Media, and today comes news of Opera Softwares acquisition of AdMarvel.
It all adds up to something of a landgrab, and reinforces the arguments advanced by all those who have been saying for some time that mobile advertising is going to be huge. Its certainly true that mainstream brands are turning to mobile advertising, and as the network operators begin to wake up to its potential and offer their subscribers the option of receiving ads and offers on their phones, who knows where it will all end?
Both Microsoft and Nokia made their moves in this space some time ago, of course, with Microsofts purchase of Screen Tonic in May 2007 and Nokias acquisition of Enpocket four months later. The difference back then was that these were isolated moves that did not rouse the interest of Google, Apple, or anyone else. Thats all changed now.
Its going to be fascinating to see what these firms do with their new toys, and how the entrance of Google and Apple in particular changes the mobile marketing landscape. I wouldnt like to hazard a guess at how things will turn out, but Im looking forward to reporting on it.

David Murphy