Antenna Launches Volt

Antenna Software has launched Volt, a patent-pending technology that addresses the security and management needs of the enterprise when deploying work-related mobile web apps on personal or corporate-issued iPhone and Android devices.

Powered by the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), Volt is a native application that governs multiple web apps built on standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript). Once activated on a user’s device, Volt allows a variety of enterprise-approved mobile apps and content to be securely published and managed through it. Users simply click on Volt to access the apps they need for work, then toggle out of Volt to do other tasks.

Antenna says that enterprises and mobile operators can bypass traditional app stores by using Volt to provision, deploy, distribute and manage branded web apps directly to their users, in a secure and reliable fashion. The solution also enables users to run multiple web apps simultaneously and switch instantly between active web apps for greater productivity.

Volt apps communicate through the AMP Gateway, which monitors and captures all transactions and messages for auditing and analysis. Data can also be exported to any business intelligence system for further insight into usage behavior, allowing IT to determine which apps should get more resources allocated to them, or conversely, which apps should be shelved.

“With more than 300m smartphone users worldwide, many are asking, ‘Why can’t I find, purchase, and use my apps for work the same way I do my personal apps?’” says Antenna president and CEO, Jim Hemmer. “Volt answers this call by enabling companies to take control of how they deliver mobile experiences to their users, even on personally-owned devices. This allows companies to change the game: not only can they embrace the latest web technologies to build compelling apps, but also, they can provide a cohesive and organised structure for provisioning and decommissioning those apps to employees and workgroup. It’s less risk to the brand and much more satisfying to the user.”

Volt is now available for iPhone and Android platforms from iTunes and Android Market respectively. Once installed on a device, Volt connects to AMP and will automatically download the mobile business apps that are assigned to the mobile user by IT or the administrator.