WATCH: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority invites tourists to ‘Be Here’ for cricketing events

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has launched a new campaign ‘Be Here’, inviting tourists to the major cricketing events set to take place on the twin-islands.

The campaign, which rolls-out this month features West Indies cricketing legend Sir Richie Richardson as he extends an invitation to tourists to experience the cricketing action.

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Keisha Schahaff, the pioneering Antigua and Barbuda astronaut who made history as the first person to journey into space with her daughter, is also featured in the campaign, which draws inspiration from the “Out of this World” theme of the ICC T20 Men’s Cricket World Cup Campaign.

The campaign will also appear in digital, print, social media and radio advertising.

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, CEO Colin C. James, said: “Our ‘Be’ campaign is about being present in the moment, allowing one’s senses to awaken to the variety of experiences Antigua and Barbuda has to offer.

“From exploring our heritage and vibrant culture to indulging in the thrill of sailing and yachting, finding solace in our wellness havens, or being romanced in our intimate settings, the campaign beckons visitors to be present and embrace every aspect of our unique destination.”