Anything You Can Do…

A couple of days ago it was AdMob. Today, mobile ad company ScreenTonic reports that it too has sold one billion mobile ad page impressions, all in Europe.
The company says that its advertiser brands include an increasing number of major brands, such as Coca-Cola, Reebok, Citron, Jaguar, EMI, Peugeot, BMW and Paramount Pictures, that are investing in mobile Internet advertising campaigns to reach out to their consumers anytime, anyplace, anywhere. ScreenTonic markets and manages advertising space on the mobile Internet portals of the main mobile carriers in the UK and Belgium, as well as independent mobile portals.
ScreenTonic currently markets an inventory of 80 million page impressions every month. The company claims that its targeted market position, long-standing relations with European carriers, and the quality of its STAMP technology platform for managing and delivering ads on mobile phones have transformed ScreenTonic into the leading player in the European market.
“At a time when mobile advertising has become a hot industry topic, ScreenTonic has already been able to monetise one billion page impressions for top operators and publishers in France, the UK and Belgium,” says ScreenTonic CEO Didier Kuhn.

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