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AOL Intoduces Ad Offering to 'Drive Awareness, Sales and Innovation'

Tyrone Stewart

Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL

Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL

Verizon-owned AOL has launched an ad creative framework aimed at driving brand awareness, sales, and innovation. The BrandBuilder, powered by AOL data and platforms, ‘supports ad experiences across display, video, and mobile that aligns with client goals and drives results’.

The suite consists of three subsets: Director, which drives awareness and emotional connections with consumers; Buyer, which drives conversions and brand sales; and Beta, which focuses on exclusive ad experiences.

The Beta program enables brands and advertisers to partner with AOL to test new formats that drive engagement. It also includes DataPerks and Player Up.

DataPerks, in partnership with parent company Verizon, is a value-exchange that rewards additional wireless data for engaging with ads. Player Up is a pre-roll video offering to serve audiences with custom ads of three-to-seven seconds, as opposed to the traditional 15-to-30 seconds. AOL says that eBay were one of the first to join the Beta program and helped influence the Player Up experience – which is currently available in the US, UK, and Canada.

“Brands and advertisers want to innovate and deliver campaigns that create connections with consumers while still meeting goals and viewable impressions,” said Spencer Sloe, VP of advertising product & strategy at AOL content & brands. “BrandBuilder’s focus is to put the consumer at the centre of the experience and support our mission of building brands people love.”

The development of BrandBuilder continues Verizon and AOL’s advertising efforts since the acquisition of Millennial Media in September 2015.