AOP partners with Fenestra on sell side supply chain transparency

Handshake business dealThe Association of Online Publishing (AOP) is teaming up with blockchain ad trading platform Fenestra to increase financial transparency in the sell side supply chain. The pair say the partnership will help AOP members understand their supply paths, identify discrepancies, and optimise total supply path cost with their demand partners.

Fenestra will work with AOP members on trials, which will eventually lead to a study that reviews the wider programmatic supply chain. Members already signed up include JPI Media (part of 1XL), Immediate Media, and Future PLC.

“The partnership signals our ongoing efforts to create transparency throughout the supply chain and investigate ways for members to work within a fair and accountable ecosystem,” said Richard Reeves, managing director of AOP. “This trial forms part of a number of initiatives AOP is working on and will provide valuable insights – that will be shared with other industry bodies – to inform future actions and recommended best practice. Working collaboratively with publishers, agencies, advertisers, and vendors means we can test various technologies and share learnings, as we strive to secure the long-term future for digital publishing.”

The Fenestra for Publishers offering promises to offer a cross-platform understanding of supply paths of revenue into publishers’ programmatic stacks.

“The two most important stakeholders in our industry are the advertisers and quality publishers,” said Ashley MacKenzie, CEO & founder of Fenestra. “We’re delighted to be working with Richard and his team to help quality publishers understand their revenue streams and, critically, maximise the conversion of their advertisers’ investment into working media.”