App Annie Launches Intelligence App Metrics Offering

Mcdonalds app
McDonalds iPhone app users are three times more likely than Starbucks iPhone app users to shop at Walmart

Mobile app data and insights platform App Annie has released a set of mobile app demographic and behavioural metrics. Dubbed App Annie Intelligence, the metrics are designed to enable brand managers and their agencies to make informed, data-driven decisions to guide their company’s app and mobile media-buying strategy. They complete a suite of metrics available for App Annie customers, including active users, penetration, frequency, duration and data usage.

The metrics deliver insights into how different mobile phone users use their devices and also show the likelihood of the user of a specific app engaging with other brands. For example, UK males aged 13-24 are nearly three times more likely to use Soundcloud and almost two times more likely to use Netflix on their Android phone than the overall population. 61 per cent of US Android Phone Lyft users also use Uber, but only 12 per cent of Uber users use Lyft. And iPhone users of the McDonald’s app are about three times more likely than iPhone users of the Starbucks app to shop at Walmart. Coca Cola, Nestle and Google are among the companies currently using the technology.

“Given how advanced and global mobile has become, it is often surprising how little app developers, investors and brand managers know about the users they seek; it’s a blind spot,” said Mark Ungerer, general manager of enterprise products at App Annie. “How do different demographic segments engage with my brand and my competitors? What are users doing outside of my app? Today’s launch provides these answers and more, bringing a complete understanding of the customer to mobile.”