App IQ and IAP SKU – helping brands and publishers capitalise on opportunities

Lexi Sydow, Head of Insights at explains how two solutions launched earlier this week by the company can help app marketers maximise engagement and revenues. 

Earlier this week, we launched two innovative solutions to help enterprises illuminate the digital landscape, identify new opportunities and maximize growth. We believe the solutions – App IQ and IAP SKU (In-App Purchase SKU) – will provide detailed, granular insights to enable app marketers to increase engagement with their users, and maximise revenues.

Let’s take a closer look at each…

App IQ
To maximise revenues from an app, you need to understand how users engage with it, and how best to monetise it. Just as importantly, you need to know how this looks for your competitor apps. The problem is that the categories the app stores use to segment their app inventory are both broad and antiquated. This means you can spend an awful lot of time researching and manually analysing competitor activity, while gaining minimal value and insight.

App IQ moves the needle by breaking the app landscape down into a granular, industry-first, robust taxonomy, consisting of 19 genres and 152 subgenres across both app stores. Genres include Social Media, Health & Fitness, Books & Reference, and Shopping. Within each genre, there are multiple subgenres. Books & reference, for example, has four subgenres: eBooks, Comics, Audio Books and Other Books & Reference.

Within each, App IQ identifies all features of the app, from monetisation methods to social features, so you can see how your app stacks up against the competition through multiple lenses.

Data available on each app includes the number of downloads; the change in the number of downloads in a give time period; revenues and change in revenues. These insights enable enterprises to identify new partnership opportunities and competitive threats and quickly react to the ever-changing landscape. Additionally, product teams can leverage granular competitive insights to efficiently prioritize proven capabilities to maximize consumer engagement.
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The app store economy has grown to $170 billion, which presents enterprises with a tremendous revenue opportunity. Unfortunately, brands and publishers are often unable to maximize their revenue potential because they have no granular visibility into consumer trends, price elasticity and the most effective in-app purchase strategies.

This is where IAP SKU comes in. It’s an industry-first solution that provides granular benchmarking and unrivalled visibility into a competitors’ highest performing SKUs, enabling you to see where you could do better.

For the first time, IAP SKU enables app marketers to identify the most popular monetisation mechanics, for example, subscriptions or one-time purchases. It also enables you to see how consumers respond to different price points across different markets, enabling you to vary the price of the same item in different markets, rather than taking the lowest price consumers will pay in any given market, and applying it everywhere.

In short, IAP SKU enables publishers to orchestrate an end-to-end strategy to maximize growth.

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