App launches to help retailers drive sales through relevant offers

WhatsInStoreWhat’sInStore, a new mobile app and compatible website, has been launched to help consumers gain access to personalized offers, and aid retailers in optimizing company growth and sales. By analyzing user data, retailers are able to view which products their consumers want discounts for, and directly send them notifications when the product is on sale. The app enables retailers, including both small businesses and larger chains, to have a more accurate read on consumer demand, in order to increase sales and growth.

By using What’sInStore’s features, such as advanced filters, dynamic maps and powerful real-time reporting, retailers are able to apply relevant discounts to the products that are most sought out. To enhance customer convenience, the app enables retailers to notify consumers of both in-store and online promotions. What’sInStore predicts larger brands with a much wider audience will soon partner with the app in hopes of engagement on a more personal level.

“What’sInStore is a powerful platform for both local stores and massive shopping chains. Both business models can take advantage of our analytics and reports to cut guesswork and improve their sales strategies based on accurate, concrete information,” said Paul Mustoe, chief executive officer of What’sInStore. “In a highly competitive arena, What’sInStore enables retailers to raise competitiveness, build loyalty, and increase profit and sales.”

Customers using the app will be able to refine shopping preferences by product, category, location, price, and store, and will then receive notifications when only those products selected go on sale. What’sInStore says this feature will decrease the number of irrelevant or unwanted promotional emails coming into user accounts.

“What’sInStore is the shopper’s hero; a fully independent app and website tailored to the shopper’s personal preferences without ads or sponsored offers. It’s a free, easy to use app addressing all age groups and consumer types, ensuring that shoppers will never miss a bargain for their favorite products. With What’sInStore customers can shop smarter, find better value and save time and money immediately,” added Mustoe.