App Lets Users Visualise Wearing Apple Watch with AR

Tim Maytom

underside try the watchIf you're concerned that the Apple Watch won't suit your personal style, there's great news for you, as Belgium-based tech firm Underside has created an augmented reality app that enables users to visualise the wearable on their wrist ahead of its launch next month.

The app combines with a small printable target which has to be attached to the wrist to create an AR experience where users can tap on their phone screen to cycle through different watch case and band colour combinations.

While the images are not a perfect approximation of the device, and do hover slightly over the wrist, the effect is close enough to give those who are on the fence about the Apple Watch's appearance some insight into how it will look.

The app is available through Underside's own website, and currently needs to be downloaded directly rather than purchased through the App Store. The Apple Store app offers its own look into the appearance of the Apple Watch, with actual-size renderings of each case available.