App Store Features First Video Trailer

Clumsy ninjaApple looks to be bringing its store in line with Google Play after debuting its first App Store video trailer in the UK.

The updated Clumsy Ninja app is currently in the Featured section and looks to be a demo of what we can expect to see as standard, at least for those chosen few apps. The video, spotted by Mac Stories, does not carry through to Clumsy Ninja’s main app page and video trailers dont yet appear to have made it to other Featured apps.

A closer inspection demonstrates that Apple is offering a native, in-app video experience and it certainly gives the developers a better opportunity to showcase their work.

If Apple does enable the roll-out of these across the Store, who will make them and who will ensure the quality is to its very exacting standards? Does this count as ad inventory and most importantly, will Apple charge devs for the privilege?