App Store Set To Hit 10bn Downloads This Saturday

Apple’s App Store is approaching its 10 billionth download, and according to Mobile Marketing’s calculations, should achieve the landmark figure at around 11.05am (UK time) this Saturday morning. 

At 9.45am today (UK time), the figure stood at 9.91bn, (9,914,774,419 to be precise), leaving Apple 85.2m downloads (85,225,581 to be precise), short of the milestone.

If the download counter on Apple’s website is to be trusted, downloads are running at the rate of around 323 every second. (To try to gain a reasonably accurate measurement, we clocked how long it took to notch up 10,000 downloads, which was 31 seconds.) On this basis, Apple needs another 263,856 seconds, or 73.3 hours, to hit the 10bn figure, so Saturday morning looks favourite, unless the realisation that it’s so close prompts a frenzy of download activity. Either way, we have a feeling that when the 10 billionth download happens, Apple might just mention it.