App User Acquisition 4X Cheaper at Christmas than Black Friday

AppFloodWhile app installs on the AppFlood network jumped by 103 per cent during 29 November – Black Friday in the US – over the previous day, advertisers saw an average of 170 per cent more installs on both Christmas Day and, perhaps surprisingly, Christmas Eve.

The three days all saw similar CTR – 8.1 per cent on Black Friday, 8.0 per cent on Christmas Day and 7.5 per cent on Christmas Eve – but Christmas had a much stronger install rate, peaking at 9.2 per cent on Christmas Eve, compared to 2.9 per cent on Black Friday.

On Black Friday, the average cost per acquisition stood at $1.86 (£1.13) on Black Friday, nearly four times the cost on Christmas Eve ($0.47) and Christmas Day ($0.50).

Cost per install prices were also at an all-year high leading up to Black Friday, peaking at $3.39 on 11 November – by comparison, prices in December peaked at just $0.76, on the day before Christmas Eve.