Appflare Offers Free Beacons To UK Retailers

appflare phoneiBeacon technology, security and deployment company Appflare is offering free beacons to selected UK retailers to show the potential the technology has to reach customers.

Appflare is making its full beacon hardware, install and maintenance solution available for free to retailers that carry fast-moving consumer goods, alcohol or publishing brands, as well as hospitality and entertainment venues that meet the same criteria. Qualifying companies will have access to Appflares services for three years, free of charge.

The solution offered to retailers by Appflare also includes a campaign platform, as well as an app for retailers who dont yet have a live app in market.

“The reason why we are offering iBeacon technology to retailers for free is because we dont think the value lies in the hardware, but in the meaningful contact with a customer,” said Owen Geddes, founder and CEO of Appflare. “Retailers want to get the iBeacon solutions installed by September in time for the Christmas lock-down.

“Offering the service for free eases the installation process, which is great news for brands that are currently preparing their festive campaigns.”