WATCH: Apple adds to ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’ campaign with two new ads

Apple has launched two new adverts adding to its ‘Relax, its iPhone’ campaign.

The latest campaign by the tech giant showcases the relief that parents can experience thanks to new updates added to the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iOS 17.

The campaign has been created by Apple’s in-house team and directed by Biscuit Filmworks’ Andreas Nilsson, featuring soundtracks – ‘Goodbye’ by Nathan Yell and ‘How Many Times’ by JJ & The Mood.

The first campaign, ‘New Driver’, showcases the Check-In feature for iOS 17 that automatically sends a notification when the user reaches their destination.

It also highlights Apple’s Check-In feature, which shares the user’s real-time location, battery level and more information with a desired contact.

Alongside this, the second advert highlights the iPhone 15 Plus’ all-day battery life, where an uncle spends the whole day filming his nephew – a young martial artist who intends on karate chopping through wooden boards – and having his uncle film the whole process.

The adverts are set to air during the College Football Playoffs, as well as being live on YouTube.

The campaign follows Apple’s recent ad which promoted its new software update, showcasing voice-preservation technology which allows users to recreate their voice to ensure that it’s” never lost”.