Apple announces new iOS 14 features at WWDC 2020

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 kicked off today in California, where Apple leadership announced an array of new products and software updates, including iOS 14, the software system used on iPhones. Apple gave the audience a sneak peak of iOS 14, which will be released later this year, which will now include resizable widgets for easier user accessibility. These new widgets will be displayed on the iPhones home screen and can be organized through the Widget Gallery.

Another much-anticipated announcement at WWDC 2020 was the Apple CarKey, which can be used in iOS 13 and iOS 14, but is only compatible with the BMW 5-series as of now. Drivers will be able to remotely lock and unlock their cars and start the engine when their iPhone is on a designated pad inside the vehicle. Apple also announced the App Library feature, which will automatically organize all your apps depending on category, and App Clips, which will let users preview an app’s features without fully downloading or purchasing it.

Apple has added picture-in-picture to iPhones and Apple TV, so users can keep watching a video while using their devices for something else. Apple’s software for the Apple Watches, watchOS 7, will now be able to track additional exercises under the activity app such as dancing, and monitor the user’s sleep patterns with the new Sleep app. Lastly, watchOS 7 will be able to detect when a user is washing their hands, and will automatically display a countdown to thoroughly finish washing.