Apple Buys Hydroelectric Power Station – Green Creds Praised by Greenpeace

Kirsty Styles

Green tech cosApple has bought a hydroelectric power plant in Oregon close to the site of its new data centre in Prineville, according to local newspaper Oregon Live.

The company has committed to powering every single building using renewable energy sources - solar, wind, hydro and geothermal – and is investing in both onsite energy production and buying in renewable energy, along with reduction of energy use.

The company has already achieved 100 per cent renewable energy at all of its data centres, plus its facilities in Austin, Elk Grove, Cork and Munich, and the Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, San Fran. Apple now owns the largest privately-owned solar farm that powers its data centre in North Carolina. Across the entire company, renewables power 75 per cent of energy use but Apple says that it won’t stop working until it achieves 100 per cent.

Apple has been praised by Greenpeace in the April Clicking Clean report that says it is the most environmentally-friendly large tech company. “Apple’s commitment to renewable energy has helped set a new bar for the industry, illustrating in very concrete terms that a 100 per cent renewable internet is within its reach, and providing several models of intervention for other companies that want to build a sustainable internet.”

Those named and shamed in the report as among the worst polluters include Amazon and Twitter. Check out the results here.