Apple apologises crush advert that ‘missed the mark’

Apple has apologised for its new advert promoting the new iPad Pro following backlash from creatives.

The advert, titled “Crush” features a hydraulic press methodically flattening a collection of instruments, video games and audio equipment, later to reveal a slim iPad Pro suggesting that the capabilities of the crushed items have been incorporated into the new product.

“The most powerful iPad ever is also the thinnest,” the narrator said in the short film, which was shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook on his social media channels.

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However, the advert sparked anger among creatives who believe that the advert showed how technology can replace humans.

Actor Hugh Grant responded to Cook’s post on Twitter: “The destruction of the human experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley.

Another X user said: “Crushing the symbols of human creativity to produce a homogenized branded slab is pretty much where the tech industry is at in 2024.”

However, in a statement to Ad Age, Apple VP of Marketing Communications, Tor Myhren, said: “Creativity is in our DNA at Apple, and it’s incredibly important to us to design products that empower creatives all over the world,”

“Our goal is to always celebrate the myriad of ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We missed the mark with this video, and we’re sorry.”

Despite the controversy, the advert remains on Cook’s and Apple’s YouTube channels, however, Myhren revealed that the ad will not air on television.