Apple Custom Product Pages – a practical use case for how to increase performance 

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Andre Kemp, Founder at Admiral Media, explains how to get the most out of Apple Custom Product Pages, with reference to the company's work with ImmoScout24.

Since the beginning of the year, Apple Custom Product Pages (CPPs) have been all the rage: rather than treating all of your potential users as a single group, CPPs enable you to match each of those customer segments with the most relevant App Store creatives for them in your ads. Mobile marketers were eager to get their hands dirty and play around with the options of 35 customizable App Store pages at their disposal. At Admiral Media, we are no exception: testing different concepts, refining and adapting tactics, and using data to evaluate them, is an integral part of our Growth Loop strategy – and CPPs fit perfectly into this mould.  

Here's our Search Ads expert Yanina Velikova on the advantages of CPPs: “A more personalized user acquisition journey means that your potential users are likely to find your CPP more relevant than the default ad, which often results in higher conversion rates and lower cost per install.”

Together with our amazing client ImmoScout24, we put this approach into practice and helped them increase performance significantly on Apple Search Ads using CPPs. For this campaign, Admiral Media won App Store Marketing Campaign 2022 at the App Growth Awards.

How ImmoScout24 uses CPPs to their advantage
ImmoScout24 is the number #1 real estate app and digital real estate marketplace in Germany. With a 98 per cent brand recognition rate, ImmoScout24 has practically become synonymous with real estate. The ImmoScout24 app has two main user groups it wants to address: Renters and Buyers, who are looking for an app to rent, or to invest in buying an apartment/house, either to live in it themselves or to rent it out.

These different user groups exhibit different intentions, customer journeys, and behaviours. Marketing communications must always keep these two target groups in mind. However, the App Store previously only allowed for a single store page. For Apple Search Ads, we developed a Custom Product Page approach for ImmoScout24 to assist them attract both renters and buyers.

Yanina Velikova: “One of the biggest challenges of Apple Search Ads is scaling. With higher conversion rate and lower acquisition cost, the performance of your keywords will improve, so you would be able to increase the bids more and earn a higher impression share than the competition. You can also win over users you may have lost in the past when your default product page didn’t convey the message they were looking for.”

The winning strategy
With ImmoScout24, we segmented and addressed the various target demographics and their intent in order to get CPPs to generate more conversions on Apple Search. The aim was to put the new custom advertising to the test with the most relevant search keywords, so that when a person searches for “rent apartment,” the Ad (CPP) matches their expectations.

Over the course of four weeks (in August 2022), we obtained the following results using Custom Product Pages in relevant ad groups in Generic ads for individuals looking to buy:

With our strategy, we discovered that Custom Product Pages outperformed the standard variation for buyers – we were able to lower the CPT from €1.93 to €1.13 and achieve a significantly lower cost per installs. For renters, we saw similarly great results during the same timeframe: The Cost-per-Tap (CPT) went down to less than half, while the Tap-Through-Rate (TTR) increased to 28 per cent (vs. 22 per cent for the default page). You can read the full ASA case study on our website for more details. 

“Admiral Media were extremely helpful and efficient in making Apple's Custom Product Pages work for us,” says Alexandra Zinnow, Lead PPC, Digital Marketing at ImmoScout24.

“As a result, we were able to decrease our CPI and improve the overall performance of ASA campaigns. We're definitely happy with the results, and I would recommend the experts at Admiral Media anytime.”

The more precise a consumer group is defined, the more opportunities there are for success with Custom Product Pages, and ImmoScout24 is an excellent example of what's possible. However, CPPs are not an automatic win, and need a solid hypothesis and regular testing to confirm results and build upon them. Furthermore, there are so many other factors that can influence performance, such as campaign set-up, ad groups, keyword structure and more. And the complexity is only increasing with new ad placements and formats that Apple is introducing to Search Ads. If you’d like to learn more, read our blog post to learn how to optimize your Apple Search Ads setup and campaigns.