Apple Has Sold 2.8m Watches, 500k with Extra Straps

Alex Spencer

Apple WatchApple has sold 2.8m units of its Apple Watch since it first launched on 24 April, according to data from Slice Intelligence.

The figures, based on email receipts from 2m shoppers, also show that 17 per cent of buyers are purchasing an extra strap for the watch. According to Reuters, these accessories represent serious profit for Apple – the basic 'sports' strap sells for $49 (£39 in the UK), but based on IHS estimates it only costs $2.05 (£1.29) to produce.

This sports strap, in black, is most popular choice as an extra purchase, but in second place is the considerably more pricey Milanese loop, which sells for $149 (£129 in the UK). Slice believes people may be being this as a way of 'upgrading' the base-level Sports Watch to a more luxury item.