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Apple Investigating Mood-based Ad Technology

Alex Spencer

[caption id="attachment_40297" align="alignleft" width="256"]Apple One of the diagrams from Apple's patent filing[/caption]

Apple has patented a technology for delivering content targeted to the user's current mood.

The technology works takes a baseline mood profile, based on user data collected over a period of time, and then observes for characteristics – which range from user behaviour on the device to readings of their heart rate and facial expressions – which match its preset 'mood rules'.

The patent application, which was first spotted by AppleInsider, outlines the content that can be served: “text, graphics, audio, video, executable code, or any combination thereof”, which can include “invitational content designed to inform or elicit a pre-defined response from the user” – the example given being, of course, an ad.

Advertising is just one potential application of this technology, but it's probably the most obvious and profitable one – and it's mentioned repeatedly in the filing.

The technology still looks to be in the early stages, but if it ever sees the light of day, would add a whole new dimension to the targeting process for advertisers.

It's the second interesting patent filing from Apple in as many weeks, following its recent patent for a secure mobile payments method which leverages NFC and a mobile data connection.