Data: Apple iPad ad ranked ‘worse’ than controversial Crush campaign

Apple’s latest advert,Worlds Made on iPadhas ranked lower than its Crush campaign, which received backlash from creatives.

According to the marketing platform, System1, which ranks individual ads on a scale of 1.0 to 5.9, the technology giant’sWorlds Made on iPadwas ranked with a score of 1.5, slightly lower than Crush’s 1.9.

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The ranking is compared to Apple’s recent works ‘The Invincibles’ promoting its iPhone 14 Pro and ‘The Greatest’ which highlights its accessibility features, which ranked with a score of 5.4 and 3.9, respectively.

System1 Chief Customer Officer, Jon Evans, said:Has Apple gone too far in trying to fix what theycrushed”? Their latest effort seems, once again, to have fallen too far from the creativity tree. Their best ads –The InvinciblesandThe Greatest– won us over on emotion.

“They have relatable, living characters front and centre, focussed on how the product helps overcome adversity, and integrated the product into the story – rather than the product being the story.”

He added:BothCrushandWorlds Made on iPaddeparted from this formula, and have scored considerably lower.”

The news comes as Apple recently apologised for its new advert promoting the new iPad Pro following backlash from creatives.