Apple in discussions to bring Google AI to iPhones

Apple is reportedly in talks with the parent company of Google, Alphabet, to license its Gemini GenAI tools for iPhones.

According to Bloomberg, the two tech giants are in active talks about Google Gemini potentially featuring on Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update.

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However, despite Apple building its own AI models, which are focused on features that operate on its devices rather than on the cloud, the partnership will allow Apple to tap Google’s Gemini for GenAI functions, which includes creating images and writing paragraphs based on user prompts.

Meanwhile, according to reports Apple has also held similar talks with OpenAI.

If a deal between the technology giants is confirmed, Apple will be following rival Samsung in tapping Google’s AI tool, as the company announced Gemini was powering its latest Galaxy devices which were unveiled in January this year.

Meanwhile, the news comes as Google UK&I Vice President and Managing Director, Debbie Weinstein, recently admitted the rise of AI has generated “both excitement and fear about jobs”.

Speaking at the 2024 LEAD conference in London last month Weinstein said: “Yes, it is true that some jobs will disappear, many jobs will be changed and more jobs will be created that we can’t even imagine today.”