Apple to Launch iPhone?

David Murphy

A new report asks whether Apple will launch its own iPhone. The report, "Apple in Wireless," from Visiongain, says the success of the iPod and iTunes has helped Apple grow significantly in recent years. As the iPods and converged mobile phones are developing to support video and music download capabilities, whilst content owners are providing exclusive music and TV for both device platforms, there is a natural link here. Can Apple exploit this?
Apple acknowledges the threat mobile handsets pose to portable MP3 players in the long term. This is one of the reasons why it has begun to make a mobile play, initially via the Motorola partnership. However, Apple could leverage its brand strength to more fully embrace the mobile channel, challenging carriers as an MVNO, and handset makers with an own-brand iPhone.
This forthcoming report analyses Apple's core products and competencies, and how the company has shaped the digital content landscape. It also discusses the strategic opportunities that exist for Apple's entry into the wireless market and the impact of such a move on the cellular/wireless industry.
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