Apple Launches Best of the Month Section on App Store

Blizzards Hearthstone was picked as the best iPad game of April

Apple has introduced a new section to the iPhone and iPad App Store called Best of April, highlighting its own picks for the months best releases.

The section features individual picks for the single best app and game – on iPad, fantasy card game Hearthstone and Comedy Central, and on iPhone, platformer Leos Fortune and New York Times digest app NYT Now – along with a selection of other highly-rated apps, which this month include Hitman GOMonument Valley and Duolingo.

Alongside a selection of items previously featured during the month, however, Apple also lists the “Best App & Game” of the month; for April 2014, Apple has picked Blizzard’s  for the iPad, and Leo’s Fortune and NYT Now on the iPhone.

It seems likely that this will become a monthly fixture on iOS, and could be a great way of increasing exposure for quality apps that get lost in the rush of the App Store – though the April picks are hardly obscure.