Apple Music launches weekly 'friends' playlist

Tyrone Stewart
Apple Music Friends Mix
Reddit (u/reesyy)

It looks like Apple is working on a personalised playlist for its Apple Music subscribers which shows users what their friends are listening to on the service – similar to Spotify’s friend activity feed.

The new ‘Friends Mix’, which can be found in the ‘For You’ tab,  was first spotted by a Reddit user. It updated every Monday and features 25 songs that friends have been listening to that week.

Many Apple Music subscribers are yet to see the playlist and Apple has not yet formally announced the introduction of it. But it appears that, for now, only people running the iOS 12 beta have been provided with the playlist, so it’s likely the feature won’t launch to the public until iOS 12’s general release later this year.

The Friends Mix adds to Apple Music’s Favourites, New Music, and Chill Mixes that update on a weekly basis. However, the music streaming service has far less regularly-updated personalised playlists than rival Spotify, which boasts playlists like Discovery Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mixes.