Apple Music is king of the streamers, beating Spotify and Pandora

Apple Music reached 40.7m monthly unique users in February, putting it ahead of more long-established competitors like Pandora and Spotify.

That’s according to a report from Verto Analytics, which found that the top three music services were rounded out by Pandora and Spotify, with 32.6m and 30.4m monthly users respectively.

Apple Music’s dominance is all the more impressive when you take into account that it is a mobile-only service. By comparison, 88 per cent of Pandora’s users and 55 per cent of Spotify’s users are mobile-only.

One area where Spotify is winning out, however, is user engagement. Each user logged an average 51 sessions during the month, compared to Pandora’s 23 and Apple’s 12, and 25 per cent used the service daily, compared to 21 per cent for Pandora and 19 per cent for Apple.

Meanwhile, Tidal – another mobile-only streaming service, which had a high-profile launch back in 2015, headed up by co-owner Jay-Z – lags far behind the top three. Tidal had just 100,000 monthly users in February, a far cry from the 3m members it was touting last March.