Apple Music launches Messenger bot with full song streaming

Tim Maytom

Facebook has announced a new integration in its Messenger platform that will enable Apple Music users to stream full-length tracks, a first for the social network's messaging service. The Apple Music bot will be available within Messenger to non-subscribers too, but will be limited to 30-second clips.

Prior to Facebook's partnership with Apple Music, Spotify offered the most musical functionality within Messenger, but did not provide full streaming of tracks. Users could build collaborative Spotify platlists within Messenger group chats, and Facebook's digital assistant M could also provide Spotify recommendations based on the content of conversations.

The Apple Music integration in Messenger is available as both a bot, which users can search for as a new contact, and as an extension within existing chats which users access by clicking the '+' sign.

The bot comes with a number of unique features, including the ability to build a new playlist based on emojis. Users simply send an emoji or emojis to the bot contact and it will suggest a new list of songs with a theme to match.

"We're really delighted to welcome Apple as a developer for the Messenger Platform and look forward to unlocking even more experiences with them and entire community," said Dan Grover, product manager for the messenger platform at Facebook.

"Apple Music is joining more than 200,000 active bots from over 100,000 developers on the platform who have crafted incredible experiences ranging from enabling commerce to catching up on the latest news, and even discovering and listening to your favourite tunes, without ever leaving Messenger."