Apple Pay Causes Spike In Mobile Payments for TfL

apple pay watch tfl tubeOver 3.2m journeys on the London transport network have been paid for using smartphones and other mobile devices since the launch of Apple Pay in the UK, with over 35,000 journeys a day now made with the help of mobile technology.

While journeys made using mobile technology still only represents 3.5 per cent of all contactless journeys and around one per cent of total pay-as-you-go trips made across the London Underground, buses and trains, the figure has seen a dramatic increase since Apple Pay came to the UK in July 2015.

According to the TfL Commissioners Report for February, the average number of journeys made using mobile devices has increased by over 360 per cent since Apple Pays UK launch, from 7,500 a day to over 35,000. While this figure includes all mobile devices, and so includes EE and Vodafones contactless payment offerings, the report suggests that much of the rapid growth is down to Apple.

Around 200,000 devices have been used to make trips, a number that is increasing a rate of around 1,000 a day. According to Shashi Verma, director of customer experience at TfL, around a third of people who use their phone to pay for a journey only do so once, which is similar to patterns seen with contactless cards. This is largely due to tourists who may not have Oyster cards, but arent making regular journeys within the capital.

“Combining contactless at TfL with Apple Pay is a perfect example of how two amazing developments can complement each other to create even more convenience for consumers,” said Mike Cowen, head of digital products for the UK & Ireland at MasterCard. “Were hugely proud to have been a partner in both initiatives because it shows how London is a world leader when it comes to payment innovation. The numbers will only increase as more consumers adopt mobile payments and other providers come to market.”