Apple Pay now accepted at Costcos across the US

Tyrone Stewart

CostcoWholesale retailer Costco now accepts Apple Pay at in-store checkouts at all of its warehouses across the US.

Apple’s mobile payment service can be used at all 750 Costco stores in the US, as was first reported  by MacRumors. Payment terminals are also being added to the retailer’s gas stations, but these are yet to be activated.

The wholesaler had been previously trialling Apple Pay at one of its warehouses in Issaquah, Washington, close to its corporate headquarters, alongside a handful of other locations.

On top of the rollout of Apple Pay, Costco’s Anywhere credit cards – a Visa-branded card launched in partnership with Citi – now have an operational tap-to-pay functionality.

The acceptance of Apple Pay in Costco stores follows the announcement, during Apple’s most recent earnings call, that CVS Pharmacy and 7-Eleven will rollout Apple Pay across the US this autumn.

Apple Pay is now active in 24 markets around the world with more than 4,900 bank partners and will launch in Germany before the end of the year.