Apple Plans Improved Targeting for iAd

iad ipadApple is planning to dramatically shake up its iAd division, with changes that will let third-party companies help marketers target their ads to specific users, similar to the approach currently used by Facebook.

According to The Information, data like phone numbers and email addresses will be available to be used for targeting, as Apple tries to rejuvenate its perennially under-performing ad platform.

Over the past few months, Apple has taken several steps to breathe life into iAd, teaming with ad tech firm Rubicon Project to bring programmatic buying to the platform and introducing new ad formats like pre-roll video and interstitials, as well as expanding into new territory.

However, the platform is still struggling to compete, especially given its high prices, with app install ads costing up to $10 (£6.63) compared to a maximum of £5 on Facebook, and many marketers opting for more advanced platforms.

Apple is seemingly torn over how to proceed within the advertising sector; despite the efforts it is making, Tim Cooks open letter published last September emphatically stated that Apple is in the business of making products, not collecting information on users.