Apple pulls Instagram stalking app Like Patrol from the App Store

Apple has removed an app that allowed users to monitor Instagram users’ activity form the App Store.

Like Patrol charged users a fee to notify them which posts their friends had liked and who they had recently followed. Instagram tried to close the app down last month, accusing it of scraping its users’ data without their consent.

The move comes after Instagram sent a cease-and-desist letter to the apps developers for violating its policies against data collection. Instagram, removed its own ‘Follow’ tab last month after accepting that some users had been surprised to learn it enabled other users to track their activity on the platform.

But the app is not going down without a fight. In an email to Cnet, Like Patrols founder, Sergio Luis Quintero said: “We strongly believe that our app does not violate Apple policies, we plan to appeal this decision in the coming days,” “If our apps functionality did violate any policies, then Instagram would have violated the exact same policies since 2011 to 2019 with the Following tab. Why werent they taken down?”

Quintero also told Cnet that he would be making the apps tools open source, and available for anybody to use in the coming days.

The app was only available for iOS; there is no Android version