Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 Update, Promises 8.0.2 in Next Few Days

iOS 8 spreadApple has withdrawn the first update to its new OS, iOS 8.0.1, immediately after its rollout, and advised users to roll back to the original version of iOS 8.

This is due to problems that 8.0.1 caused with network connectivity – with many iPhone users unable to get a mobile signal after downloading the update – and, in some cases, with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

iOS 8.0.1 was most notable for enabling the Health apps and any others created with the Healthkit SDK, which were held back from the initial release due to a bug in the software.

By rolling back, users will once again lose this functionality – which was one of the most anticipation features of iOS 8 – but Apple promises that is currently working on iOS 8.0.2 to be released “in the next few days” which will both fix the connectivity issues and reinstate the Health app.