Apple to pull some iPhones from German stores over Qualcomm patent row

Tyrone Stewart

iPhone 7 in handIn the latest episode of the international patent battle between Apple and Qualcomm, the iPhone maker looks set to pull some of its device models from stores in Germany after Qualcomm moved to enforce a court order in the country.

A court ruling in Munich last month found that Apple had infringed patents relating to power-saving technology in smartphones. And, since then, Qualcomm has posted bonds of €1.34bn (£1.2bn), as required for the ban on iPhone 7 and 8 models to be put into effect.

Apple has said it would remove the models from its 15 own retail stores in Germany during the appeals process but has refused to stop selling the devices through the thousands third-party locations which offer the models across Germany – which differs from the Qualcomm interpretation of the order.

According to Reuters, citing a German lawyer not involved in the case, the court order issued in Munich is directed solely at Apple’s entities in the country and, thus, Apple’s interpretation of the ruling is the correct one.

Last month, Apple was also found to have violated two Qualcomm software patents in China. Here, however, where there was a broader ban on the sale of iPhones, Apple chose to continue selling its devices and opted instead to push a software update to address the issues.