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Apple Serves Pop-up Ads to Old iPhone Users

Tim Maytom

iphone popupiPhone users with older models are being targeted by Apple with full screen pop-up ads in the App Store, asking them to consider upgrading to the new iPhone 6S.

The ads, which read "iPhone 6S: Ridiculously Powerful", are being served to those with models older than the iPhone 6, include links to "learn more" and "upgrade now", along with a less noticeable skip button in the top-right of the ad.

According to Cult of Mac, the advert is unconnected to the new iOS 9.2 upgrade, with at least one user targeted while still using iOS 9.1, and appears when users first enter the iOS App Store on their smartphone.

Multiple Apple customers have taken to social media to complain about the aggressive targeting of the ads, with some accusing Apple of hypocrisy for bringing in full screen pop-up advertising within its App Store after introducing ad blocking capability to its Safari mobile browser.

After the famously negative reaction Apple received after automatically downloading a U2 album onto iPhone users' phones, you would hope that the company had learned its lesson about intrusive promotions, but this latest move seems to suggest not.