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Apple is working on a wireless AR/VR headset

Tyrone Stewart

AppleApple is reportedly working on a headset that can run both augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, and it’s set to arrive in 2020.

According to CNET, citing a source familiar with the plans, the project is codenamed T288 and could feature an 8K display for each eye – giving it a higher resolution than the best TVs going today. The headset would also be untethered from a computer or smartphone.

Apple’s headset would also connect to a box, powered by a custom Apple processor, which would act as a brain for the device. This box would look similar to a PC tower, but won’t be an actual Mac computer, and will connect to the headset via high-speed, short-range wireless technology – a clear indication of the desire for the headset to be wireless.

Despite the news, there is still uncertainty around whether the features will remain as above and, even still, there is a chance Apple will bin the project at some point over the next two years. However, Apple is big on AR, so it is quite likely we will see it taking a shot at the likes of HTC and Oculus.