WATCH: Apple collaborates with Takashi Miike on latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign

Apple has partnered with renowned director Takashi Miike to launch the latest instalment of the technology giant’s Shot on iPhone project.

The 19-minute mini-movie series, “Midnight”, centres around a taxi driver who finds himself coming to the aid of a young female truck driver fleeing from a local gang, led by evil boss played by actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa.

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The film, shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro, partners live-action sequences filmed on the streets of Tokyo with illustrations from the original manga, showcasing the powerful cinematic capabilities of the device.

The campaign was launched in Tokyo last night [6 March 2024] and is now available to stream on YouTube.

Meanwhile, select taxis in Tokyo will feature the full film and behind-the-scenes footage after 10 PM until morning, alongside the March 2024 issue of the original manga magazine will feature characters from the film on its cover.

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