Apple Tests Push Notification Service

According to MacUser magazine, Apple has begun testing the new push notification service that will be introduced with the next version of the iPhone and iPod touch OS. The service will allow apps to send notifications to applications on the handset to keep the user informed about newcontent. Sports applications could update the app with the latest scores, for example.
The magazine says the service is Apples way of solving the problems of allowing apps to run in the background, where they eat into the handsets limited memory. It goes on to say that according to information leaked by an iPhone developer, Apple is distributing a version of the Associated Press app in order to create a high-volume test environment for its servers. Developers who install the app on an iPhone running the latest OS 3.0 beta, they will receive live news alerts using the push notification technology.
The finished version of iPhone OS 3.0 will be unveiled at the companys annual Worldwide Developers Conference on 8 June.