Apple could be preparing to take a gamble with AR on the iPhone 8

Tyrone Stewart
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple could be planning an AR push for the iPhone 8 and beyond – according to Steven Milunovich, analyst at Swiss global financial services company UBS, which has Apple as an investment banking client.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Milunovich pointed out that Apple CEO Tim Cook has suggested that AR will be important to the tech giant, more important than VR, and “could be as important as the iPhone”. The analyst added that it is not believed that AR will be used in a product but rather as a component “perhaps starting with the iPhone 8, continuing over the next few years” – though he does not rule out Apple eventually making its own product similar to a Google Glass. In addition, he said that he did not believe AR would be a source of revenue for Apple “initially” and would only “enhance the current franchises”.

Milonovich also listed the possibilities that AR could present. He said that there is potential for outfacing cameras to act like a pane of glass that provides information about monuments, stores, and even people, when they are scanned.

The analyst also said there is a possibility of using AR in a retail setting through an iPhone – pointing out potential offers and deals to customers around stores as they browse.