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Apple Trumps Android for Video Completion

David Murphy

inRead_tabletsProgrammatic software firm TubeMogul has launched a report looking at completion rates for video ads according to device, video length and time-of-day.

The company found that iPhones and iPads drew significantly higher video ad completion rates than their Android and Blackberry-powered rivals. The difference was most pronounced on tablets, where Apple products secured completion rates of 78 per cent, compared with 50 per cent completion rates on Android.

The study also reveals that there is a sharp drop-off in completion rates according to video length. 7-10 second ads see a 77 per cent completion rate on mobile devices, falling to 68 per cent for ads lasting between 11 and 14 seconds, and 56 per cent for ads longer than 15 seconds long. The dropoff rate on destop as the ad gets longer is far less pronounced.
UK mobile video views on weekends are at their highest in the mornings between 7 and10am. On holiday weekends, Monday is the best day for ad placement, with an 86 per cent increase in viewership compared to Saturday or Sunday.

“We compared drop-off over time for standard and mobile ads and found that completion rates taper steadily on desktops, but fall dramatically on mobile devices.,” said Taylor Schreiner, VP research at TubeMogul. “We also found it interesting that device plays a huge factor in completion rates and varies from country-to-country. Apple came out top in the UK, but lagged behind in the US, where it was actually the worst performer behind Android and Windows powered mobiles, and second to Blackberry for tablets.”

You can download the study here.