Apple Unveils iPhone 5S and 5C

Apple has revealed two new iPhone models, the 5S and 5C.

After the flurry of rumours and leaks over the last couple of months, the announcement didnt hold many surprises. Nevertheless, theres plenty of information to sift through… so lets dive in.

iPhone 5C

The 5C is the more interesting of the two devices – Apples first smartphone targeted at entry-level consumers, which could help it crack the few markets, like China and India, where it doesnt hold a significant share. 

In another first for Apple – at least since its iPod days – the 5C will be available in a variety of colours: blue, yellow, green, pink and white. These are intended to complement its plastic case, probably the biggest pointer to the handsets economical design.

This certainly isnt a full-blown budget handset, however, either in terms of tech – Apple was characteristically reluctant to talk specs, but the 5C seems roughly in line with its current offering – or pricing. While Apple has been touting a price tag of $99 (£63) for a 16GB device, thats under a two-year contract. A SIM-free 5C will cost upwards of $549, or £469 in the UK.

iPhone 5S

The 5S, meanwhile, is a replacement for the current iPhone 5, which will be retired. Its essentially an incremental upgrade, with impressive specs – including the first ever 64-bit processor in a smartphone – but the key selling point is surely its fingerprint sensor.

Touch ID, as Apple has termed the accompanying security feature, is intended as an alternative to entering a password, for everything from unlocking the phone to verifying purchases.

Both devices will go on sale from 20 September, with the US, UK and China among the initial markets.