Apple Users Lead in OS Upgrade Adoption

iOS users adopt system upgrades three times faster than Android users, according to figures from advertising network Jumptap

In its October MobileSTAT report, Jumptap says that in three weeks after the release of iOS 5, the new OS accounted for 32 per cent of the total iOS traffic on Jumptaps network. 

In contrast, more than six months after Android 2.3 came out, the OS had an adoption rate of less than 50 per cent, and Android 2.2 has a 40 per cent share of the Android market.

“While Android still holds the majority of the market share across the board, iPhone 4S and iOS 5 made significant strides in October,” says Paran Johar, Jumptaps CMO. “From both the network impressions and the long lines outside Apple stores across the country, its clear that Apple fans tend to seek the latest technology at the fastest rates. Meanwhile, while more new users are turning to Android, they tend to hang on to their current operating system for longer periods of time.”

Overall Android OS market share dipped 2.3 percentage points on the Jumptap network, and iOS share increased slightly by 1.6 per cent over September. The MobileSTAT report attributes this slight shift to the latest wave of iPhones in the market.

The MobileSTAT report also found that Samsungs smartphone users access applications 27 per cent more than iPhone users, while iPhone users are twice as active on the mobile web as Samsung smartphone users.

Other findings include the doubling of location as the advertisers preferred method of targeting month on month. However, the split between mobile web and app traffic is roughly 50/50 – as it has been for several months on Jumptap.