Apples App Store Dominance to Continue, says Netsize

Netsize has released the first results of its Mobile Trends Survey 2010. Drawing from an online survey of more than 1,000 professionals and practitioners, the survey provides insights into key mobile industry trends, including the advance of mobile application stores, progress towards global mobile commerce, and the pivotal importance of mobile as a means to bridge our virtual and physical worlds.
87% of survey respondents believe that the Apple App Store will be the most successful app store in the mobile space. Google's Android Market is a distant second (60%), followed by Nokia's Ovi Store (30%) and RIM's BlackBerry App World (27%). App stores run by mobile operators finished low down the list, indicating that platform providers and handset makers may well dominate the space for a time to come.
When asked to rate the unique selling proposition of app stores over other software distribution and sales channels, 65% of respondents put convenience at the top of the list. This was followed by compatibility, choice, and ease of payment.
The complete survey results – including topics related to mobile entertainment, mobile marketing, mobile commerce, mobile payments and mobile convergence – will be released as part of the Netsize Guide 2010, a comprehensive mobile industry analysis and almanac published by Netsize and written by MSearchGroove's Peggy Anne Salz. Netsize will launch the Netsize Guide 2010 on February, 2010 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.