Apples HealthKit in 78 per cent of Top US Hospitals

healthkitApples healthcare technology is quickly being adopted by major hospitals in the US, as healthcare workers embrace the ability to remotely monitor patients well-being and lower costs.

According to Reuters, 14 of 23 top hospitals have rolled out a pilot program using Apples HealthKit service or are preparing to do so, using the solution to collate patient-generated health information including weight, heart rate and blood pressure.

The pilot schemes are aimed at aiding doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in monitor patients with chronic conditions. Google and Samsung are among the other companies that have similar solutions in place, but most have only just begun reaching out to hospitals and other medical partners.

The US healthcare market is worth $3.8 trillion annually, and research by IDC Health Insights shows that by 2018, 70 per cent of healthcare organisations worldwide will have invested in technology for remote monitoring and care, including apps and wearables.

With Apple preparing to release its Apple Watch this April, its HealthKit software will no doubt be able to access a huge wealth of data and serve as an early warning system for medical problems before they become too acute.